Self-Sufficient Living

Off-Grid Spirit is about people seeking a more self-sufficient life. We cover minimalists, survivalists, home power enthusiasts, homesteaders, green living enthusiasts, organic food devotees, homeschoolers, nomads, and primitivists.

These people share the common belief that our current way of life is unsustainable. They know that true fulfillment doesn’t lie in consumption and acquisition. Some draw on the survival lore of 19th-century pioneers, while others seek out innovative ideas about building, farming, and conservation.

Self-sufficiency is not about cutting yourself off from the world but connecting with society on your own terms along with a growing community of like-minded individuals. It’s about being the master of your destiny and living a life not subject to crime, economic instability, and the whims of governments.

Becoming self-sufficient doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job, abandoning the city, and becoming a pioneer. Rather than a goal, self-sufficiency is more like a journey. Even small incremental steps can reap benefits for yourself and the environment. While hard work is sometimes involved, the reward is doing things that bring true fulfillment, whether it’s growing your own food, building your own home, or reconnecting with your family.

Do you want to:

  • Say goodbye to electricity bills;
  • Free yourself from debt;
  • Be prepared for any crisis;
  • Teach your children to be strong and independent;
  • Live in harmony with the environment?

If so, then off-grid living is for you!

Featured image: Binyamin Mellish/Pexels