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Five Unique Tents That Will Transform Your Camping Experience

These Exotic New Designs Add More Comfort, Convenience, and Fun

There’s nothing like waking up in the fresh air, but the challenges of a night in a tent can sometimes tempt some of us to forgo that pleasure.

Tent dwellers suffer from problems such as finding a suitable site to set up, then dealing with sorting out poles and fitting them together while insects, rain, and darkness close in. Tents can sometimes feel cramped and stuffy, and they aren’t always great at keeping the elements at bay, as anyone who’s woken up in a pool of rainwater can attest.

Twenty-first-century designers have been working hard to reimagine the tent and come up with radical new designs. Many have come on the market thanks to enthusiastic crowdfunders. While none of them will appeal to all campers, at least one of them is sure to make you fancy a night outdoors.

Hybrid Hammock Camping Tent

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As the name suggests, the Tammock is a freestanding hammock with a matching mesh cover and rain fly. With or without the outer layer, it’s a quick and easy sleeping space or just a place to relax outdoors. A two-person version is in the works.

In addition to freeing up the floor for storage, it includes overhead and side pockets. The entire tent fits into a carrying bag and weighs 20 pounds.

For the solo adventurer, it’s a compact shelter that eliminates the concern of finding a comfortable place to spend the night. But even if you already have a tent you love, this one looks like an irresistible beach accessory.

Instant Setup Tent

Anyone who has struggled to pitch their tent at night in a storm will instantly appreciate this tent design.

Pulling two cords is all it takes to erect this two-person tent. Then it’s simply a matter of pegging it into place. The whole process takes only a minute. Taking it down and folding it into its bag is also quick and painless.

The tent is highly portable, weighing only 10.4 pounds. It has been engineered for high resistance to the elements, including heat and wind, making it great for adventuring in challenging environments.

Telescoping Rooftop Tent

This high-end tent design will appeal to anyone who ever admired the space-saving feature and easy setup of a rooftop tent but didn’t like the idea of monopolizing all their overhead storage.

When folded, it forms a self-contained package that occupies half a roof rack and weighs 108 pounds, leaving room for a bike, kayak, or storage bin. When in use, it telescopes sideways to form a two-person sleeping area. It can mount on small cars as well, making it a boon for those with limited storage space.

It features a panoramic window and skylights so you can enjoy your elevated view. Windy nights might prove exciting, though.

Floating Tent

The Tentsile is another hammock-inspired tent that uses a strap and ratchet system to support the structure from three trees with nothing but tension. It features three sleeping bays arranged around a center hatchway. The roof of the Tentsile is an insect-proof mesh, offering a panoramic “sleeping under the stars” experience. It includes a rain fly and fits into a compact bag weighing 24.4 pounds.

The unique treehouse design lets campers sleep comfortably on irregular terrain. Even a hillside can serve as a campsite. Eco-conscious campers can enjoy nature without disturbing or being disturbed by the ground underneath. At the same time, there’s also a stackable option that adds an enclosed ground area underneath the sleeping level.

Modular Pop-Up Tent

Modular tent

Qube Air II ($699.00)

One of the shortcomings of life in a tent is there’s frequently a lack of headroom. With the Qube tent’s box shape and 6.88-foot height, virtually everyone can walk around inside without needing to bend once. It features easy access, as well, with doors on all four sides.

Setup is quick and straightforward, using a unique inflatable beam system which takes only 2 minutes to fill with the included hand pump.

The 6.29-foot square floor space can accommodate up to 3 campers. A larger 4-person version is also available. Another distinct feature of the Qube tent is that multiple tents can be connected, making it possible for families and groups to have a shared multi-room camping shelter.

*All prices US dollars. Check links for current price and availability.

Featured image: Uriel Mont/Pexels

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