Product Spotlight

The DIY Home Energy System

A Blueprint for Energy Freedom

The complete guide to building your own solar panels, with ordinary hand tools and about $100 in materials, that can cut your electricity bill by 75% or more.

Ted's Woodworking

Download Over 16,000 Detailed Woodworking Plans

This popular site offers over 16,000 downloadable 3D woodworking plans covering almost any project. See how easy it is for even beginners to get pro results.

Backyard Revolution

Backyard Power Plants You Can Build Yourself

This portable three-dimensional solar device can cut a home’s electricity bill in half. And it’s so simple that anyone can copy it for a couple hundred dollars.

Water Freedom System

A Revolutionary System To Fight Water Shortages

This simple device draws gallons of pure, drinkable water from the air even in drought conditions. And anyone can easily copy it with less than $300 in parts.

GoSun Sport

Making Practical All-Weather Solar Cooking a Reality

The GoSun Sport solar oven is a an easy-to-carry outdoor survival tool that can prepare a meal for two in as little as 20 minutes and even works on cloudy days.

Aeroponic grow tower.

Growing Towers Promise Easy and Abundant Homegrown Food

The Aerospring Vertical Growing System is designed for quick setup and easy operation so even people new to hydroponic gardening can take control of their food.

Floating inflatable solar lantern.

The Floating Inflatable Solar Lantern

Is this the perfect survival lantern? It’s a compact and virtually indestructible light that never needs new batteries or plugging in. And it works in the rain.