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The Backyard Revolution Makes Solar Power Simple

With all the talk about the Green Power Revolution, it’s surprisingly hard to spot a solar panel installation in most neighborhoods. Mostly, you can find them on upscale properties with lots of floor space. That’s not very surprising, given the high initial cost for materials and installation.

It seems the Green Revolution is looking a lot like the grey one, with centralized power plants connected by miles of wasteful powerlines. For simplicity’s sake, the homeowner gives up their autonomy to giant utility companies. In return, they get rate hikes, “time of day” pricing, and frequent blackouts.

It doesn’t have to be that way, says author Zack Bennett. Using cutting-edge research from MIT, he developed a prototype design for a solar generator that maximizes the panels’ efficiency while minimizing the space needed. The secret is a unique three-dimensional design that increases efficiency by stacking the panels vertically on a simple wooden frame. As a result, the entire generator occupies only 10 square feet.

It’s a portable power plant that ticks all the boxes for the off-grid enthusiast. It’s simple, affordable, maintenance-free, and can be easily transported to a camp or cabin. Bennett has published the whole system in complete detail, so anyone can duplicate his invention even if they barely know how to work a screwdriver.

What Backyard Revolution Offers:

  • A simple solution to cut your power bill by %50 or more;
  • Piece of mind should a critical grid failure occur;
  • A practical, non-technical introduction to alternative energy;
  • Every step demonstrated in a walkthrough video;
  • A roadmap to energy independence that avoids costly, time-consuming mistakes;
  • Solar power that eliminates the need for large properties – it even works on balconies;
  • A process for converting to solar without a significant initial investment, letting you scale with time;
  • Learn a valuable skill you can share or sell;
  • Answers to all your questions with 1-year email support.
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Special Bonus

Follow the link below to see how you can get the following bonus guides at no extra charge:

EMP Bonus
Homestead EMP Protection
Energy Stockpile Bonus
Energy Stockpiling Secrets
Alternative Energy Bonus
Alternative Energy Sources
  • The EMP Protection Guide offers essential techniques for safeguarding your electricity supply in the event of a major grid failure.
  • The second report answers all your questions about batteries and power backup systems.
  • The final guide covers alternative energy more generally to give the reader a complete picture of home power.

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Many of us have wanted to benefit from solar power but felt intimidated by the technical jargon and high price tags. Bennett’s book is a no-stress way for readers to learn the basics and hopefully get started on their off-grid journey. Those who feel they lack the skills to carry out the project themselves can acquire the components and outsource the work using the simple directions in the book.

Hopefully, this book will encourage more people to get involved in off-grid power and take back solar energy from the utilities. After all, sunlight is freely available for everyone, and solar power should be too.

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