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Ted’s Woodworking Is the World’s Largest Collection of Wood Building Projects

When it comes to achieving self-reliance, there’s no more valuable skill than building with wood. Many of us have years of woodworking experience, aided by guidance from our parents and elders. At the same time, we can find ourselves frustrated when we have to work without adequate plans, even after searching through books, magazines, and online videos.

While innovating can be fun, no one wants to waste time or wind up with a finished product that doesn’t quite match what we imagined. Beginners might even conclude they lack “talent” or that they need a big, fully-equipped workshop like the pros.

Just like a poorly written recipe will lead to culinary disappointment, blueprints that lack clarity, often written by experts assuming prior knowledge on the part of their readers, can often lead non-professionals astray.

These are the issues Master Woodworker Ted Mcgrath wanted to answer when he founded The site offers hyper-detailed, full-color plans meant to eliminate any chance of misunderstanding, even for beginners.

It‘s a resource that could make a huge difference for anyone who’s put off a project because they felt intimidated or weren’t sure they could finish it. Many of us have hit a wall of frustration because we missed an important step, used the wrong hardware, or underestimated the materials we’d need. Ted’s plans are careful to list everything you’ll need and the exact step-by-step process that leaves nothing out so even seasoned builders can save time and money.

Ted’s Woodworking offers:

  • Detailed plans for designs ranging from small handicrafts to big projects;
  • Color 3D images of the finished project from multiple angles, so you never have to guess;
  • Lists covering the exact materials and cuttings needed, so you don’t waste money buying more than you need;
  • New plans every month at no extra charge (you can even request custom plans);
  • Support via email or through the discussion forum.
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Time-Limited Bonus Offer

In addition to all of the above, new members will also get the following at no extra cost:

CAD Viewer Bonus
DWG/CAD Viewer
Woodworking Videos Bonus
Woodworking Videos
Woodworking Business Bonus
Woodworking Business
Woodworking Guides Bonus
Woodworking Guides
  • DWG/CAD Software, which allows you to view and modify CAD (computer-aided design) plans just like the pros;
  • 150 tutorial videos to help woodworkers of all experience levels expand their skills;
  • A detailed guide to starting your own woodworking business, so members can turn their new skills into profits;
  • A 200-page collection of woodworking guides covering all the fundamentals.
$487 + $39/month

Just $67.00


Many passionate woodworkers have shelf loads of magazines, guides, and books they’ve collected over the years. Imagine sorting through them all to find the project you want! With a searchable database of over 16,000 plans, Ted’s Woodworking offers a library’s worth of value for one modest payment.

Off-Grid enthusiasts will find this resource invaluable, whether building a chicken coop, storage area, greenhouse, composter, planter, or even a tiny home complete with a wind turbine. For those in a location with low bandwidth, there’s a DVD option.

Beginners will get the knowledge and confidence they need to start getting professional results. Experienced builders will find new inspiration and probably save time and money to more than cover their investment.

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