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The Aerospring Growing System Promises Better Crops with Less Work

Aeroponic  automated growing tower.

Faced with stories of contaminated food, pesticide exposure, GMO crops, and even food shortages, many of us are worried about the quality and security of our groceries.

When it comes to having a reliable and healthy food supply, there’s no better option than growing it yourself. But food self-sufficiency is a challenge if you have limited access to suitable land, as many of us do. Also, our jobs limit how much time we can spend cultivating food crops despite the cost savings that homegrown produce provides.

For busy urban dwellers, aeroponics can be a shortcut to growing healthy, homegrown vegetables and herbs at home, even if you don’t have much room for a garden. This space-age, soil-free growing system uses a framework that suspends plants in the air and feeds their roots with a nutrient-rich mist provided by an automated sprinkler system. Rather than being hampered by the lack of soil, the increased access to oxygen means plants can grow faster and bigger than is possible with conventional farming.

Vertical Farming Made Easy

The Aerospring Vertical Growing System is designed for quick setup and easy operation so even people new to hydroponic gardening can take control of their food supply and enjoy better quality greens, herbs, and vegetables free of pesticides and other unknown contaminants. It features a modular tower with a unique hexagonal design, providing ample space for up to 27 large plants. Users can access a smart Wi-Fi timer that controls irrigation and requires minimal maintenance. It’s an easy way to enjoy homegrown produce without worrying about weeds, watering, diseases, and pests. Best of all, it can work anywhere – even on a balcony.

Designed by urban farmers, this grow tower is intended to make producing your own food simple and stress-free. Grow tastier, healthier cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and more without pesticides. It can work outdoors or indoors with the matching grow tent (sold separately).

What the Aerospring Vertical Growing System Offers:


  • It’s made from UV-resistant, food-safe plastic that resists cracking;
  • It’s a fully automated system designed for minimal maintenance;
  • The silent pump and clean, attractive design make it perfect for indoor use;
  • It uses 90 percent less water than conventional gardening;
  • It maximizes nutrient and oxygen absorption for better yields;
  • The modular tower is easy to take apart for cleaning and is dishwasher-safe.


  • The initial cost can be high if purchased with the grow light kit;
  • It requires a regular electrical supply, unlike soil gardening;
  • Aeroponics doesn’t work well outside during colder months.
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Many growers are put off by the complexity of hydroponics, as well as the expense of purchasing equipment. More user-friendly, automated systems, like the Aerospring Vertical Growing System, have the potential to get even reluctant gardeners to start their journey toward food self-sufficiency. The modular design lets growers start small and increase production as they reap the rewards of a reliable homegrown food supply.

As a bonus, grow tower owners can join an exclusive online community with access to guides and expert tips. It’s a quick and easy way to become experienced in this innovative and environmentally friendly technology that’s sure to become more significant in the future of food production.

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