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The GoSun Sport Solar Oven Is Made Especially for Outdoor Adventures

Cooking with solar rays.

Solar ovens, or solar cookers, let you cook without wood, propane, or electricity by directly capturing sunlight and converting it into heat. There are various types of solar ovens, such as parabolic and box designs. They consist of a reflective surface that focuses light onto a cooking vessel, which is usually black to absorb maximum energy.

There are many advantages to cooking with the sun. If you lack fuel or electricity, you can still cook, as long as there’s direct sunlight, making it an important survival strategy. It’s a viable option if you’re camping in an area with a fire ban since there’s no need for combustion. While they can be pricier than other cooking appliances up front, they also save money over time thanks to their energy-efficient design, eliminating the need to buy fuel.

A New Approach to Solar Cooking

The GoSun Sport solar oven is a portable off-grid cooker that performs more efficiently than most conventional solar ovens thanks to its unique parabolic reflectors and vacuum tube cooking vessel. The result is an easy-to-carry outdoor survival tool that can prepare a meal for two in as little as 20 minutes and even works in cloudy weather.

Campers, fishers, and outdoor adventurers will appreciate the convenience that solar cooking offers compared to propane stoves and fire pits. The slow-cooking vessel lets you start your meal and then do other things. The oven works without danger of burning food or going out, while the sealed tube protects the contents from insects. Most importantly, it lets you enjoy healthier, more nutritious meals in an eco-friendly way.

What The GoSun Sport solar oven Offers:


  • Save money on fuel and help the environment;
  • Ultra-portable folding design – just 24 inches long and seven pounds;
  • Works in any weather by absorbing a broad spectrum of solar radiation;
  • Cooking temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, or 288 degrees Celsius;
  • Roast, bake, fry, and steam while retaining more flavor and nutrients;
  • Easy to use, set and forget design;
  • Safe to touch, kid-friendly cooking vessel.


  • The closed design makes it harder to gage cooking times;
  • It doesn’t work at night;
  • The glass cooking tube could break if dropped.
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GoSun Sport
Folds compactly for transport.
Cooking tube.


With its revolutionary design, the GoSun Sport solar oven makes solar cooking easy and reliable. Never mind beans and hot dogs. Adventurous chefs can bake brownies or lasagna, create stir fry or curry dinners with rice, or even bake bread and scones using only the sun.

The downside is that the cooking tube size can slow food preparation, especially if there are more than two diners, making it necessary on those occasions to use more than one solar cooker or supplement it with conventional appliances. Nevertheless, the ability to prepare meals without fuel in various weather conditions makes this compact oven a perfect addition to your camping gear or outdoor survival kit.

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