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The Luci Solar Air Lantern Gives Reliable Light Under Any Conditions

Inflatable Solar Lantern

Here’s a unique and versatile product that’s sure to catch the eye of any outdoor enthusiast or anyone looking for a handy emergency light. It’s a durable, ultra-portable lantern that inflates like a beach ball.

At first glance, an inflatable lantern might seem to be a cheap, gimmicky import. In reality, it’s made by a US company (MPOWERD) and built to the universal standards of reliability an emergency light should have.

The lantern comes as a flat disk, measuring 4.25 inches across and one inch thick. One side includes ten led lights, plus a nozzle for inflating it to a 5-inch cylinder. The other side comprises solar charging panels and a power button, which cycles through three light levels plus a flashing light mode.

The LEDs can emit up to 75 lumens, which is enough to read by, light a forest path at night, or illuminate the way to your home’s circuit breaker. It’s both dust-proof and waterproof down to 1 meter, though it may not work at freezing temperatures. The lantern comes with adjustable straps for carrying or hanging.

The battery charges fully after seven hours in direct sunlight. The charge will last for up to three years, making the lantern perfect for emergencies. Just slip it into a drawer or automobile glove compartment and have it ready in seconds when you need it. On a full charge, it lasts from 6 hours at maximum luminosity up to 24 hours on the low setting. There’s also a push-button battery level indicator, so you don’t have to wonder about how much charge you have left.

What the Luci Solar Air Lantern Offers:


  • Small and light for camping, auto, or boat;
  • Waterproof, dust-proof, and crush-resistant;
  • Adjustable strap for easy hanging;
  • Easy to charge, even when the power’s out;
  • Hours of reliable lighting;
  • Battery level indicator eliminates guessing;
  • Multiple light levels, including flashing mode;
  • Quality tested and guaranteed defect-free.


  • Not as bright as many conventional LED lanterns;
  • No plug-in option;
  • Soft sides can be punctured accidentally.


Campers and hikers probably won’t use this light as their primary lighting tool. There are more powerful rechargeable lanterns and plenty of small and powerful rechargeable LED flashlights.

Still, the way the lantern folds flat for easy storage and its all-weather design, plus the fact that it functions indefinitely as long as there’s sunlight available, makes it an ideal backup light and welcome addition to any emergency kit. It’s also an inexpensive and durable camping accessory that kids will love.

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